Volvo XC90


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      2016 Volvo XC90

      • Miles per month: 3125
      • Style: AWD T6 Inscription 4dr SUV
      • Current Miliage: 17500
      • Lease End Date: 06/02/2019



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Volvo Overview

Volvo originated in Sweden and was founded in 1927. Volvo actually first specialized in construction machinery and heavy duty trucks. Then in 1999, Volvo was acquired by Ford, but 11 years later, Geely, a Chinese car manufacturer, took control of the majority stake. In 2017, Volvo promised that all their models will completely electric or hybrid (both electric and petrol). Volvo offers a variety of models including crossover, SUV’s, and sedans. For a sportier option, Volvo has created a subdivision of their brand focusing on performance: Polestar.



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