MINI Cooper Hardtop

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MINI Overview

Mini's story began in Britain in 1959. The Mini brand quickly became an icon within British pop culture during the 60s and starred in the famous movie: The Italian Job. Mini holds the title as the second most influential car of the 20th century, beating out the Volkswagen Beetle and behind only the Ford Model T. Mini has also had great success in racing and rally car competition with their Mini Cooper model winning the Monte Carlo rally four consecutive years in a row from 1964-1967. In 2000, BMW acquired the Mini brand by purchasing its parent company; Rover Group. Today Mini offers 5 different models that include 2-door, 4-door and even convertibles. Lease a Mini cooper if driving an icon pop culture sounds appealing to you.



Information about MINI lease:


  • Leasing company: MINI Financial Services 
  • Lease transfer eligibility: yes
  • Lease buyer credit application Fee: $100
  • Lease transfer Fee: $400
  • Average time to complete transfer: About 2 weeks


Lease restrictions: Cannot transfer lease during the last 6 months. If the lease is to be transferred during the first 6 months, must be approved by Mini financial services.


Because leasing conditions can change and vary from lease to lease, we recommend that you contact your respective leasing company to confirm transfer eligibility.