Lincoln MKS

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Lincoln Overview

Henry Leland established Lincoln in 1917 and named it in honor of Abraham Lincoln. Five years later, in 1922 Henry Ford bought Lincoln and then later merged Lincoln with Mercury after WWII. The aftermath of the 2008 recession led to a divestiture in Jaguar, Aston Martin, Volvo, Land Rover, and the discontinuation of Mercury. All of a sudden, Lincoln was the only luxury brand left under Ford's ownership. Lincoln has competed with Cadillac for almost its entire existence. Though Lincoln may seem overshadowed by other more prominent luxury brands, do not underestimate the quality of this brand. Lincoln’s most popular models include the iconic navigator and continental. Lease a Lincoln if you are looking for an American luxury brand with a rich history.



Information about Lincoln lease:


  • Leasing company: Lincoln Automotive Financial
  • Lease transfer eligibility: yes
  • Lease buyer credit application Fee: 0$
  • Lease transfer Fee: $75
  • Average time to complete transfer:  2 weeks or more


Because leasing conditions can change and vary from lease to lease, we recommend that you contact your respective leasing company to confirm transfer eligibility.